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Wood Charts: Density, Hardness, Stiffness and Strength

Here you'll find charts that break down the wood types by density, hardness, stiffness and strength. Each wood species is listed in alphabetical order in each chart with its corresponding related number next to each species.【Get Price】


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Wood: Strength and Stiffness

Wood: Strength and Stiffness Wood is one of the oldest and best-known structural materials, and one of the few renewable natural resources.【Get Price】

Exotic Hardwood Flooring Options

And while the wood flooring market offers a great variety of styles, patterns, colours, grains, textures and wood species, we can say that for the past few decades everything offered is pretty… well, we are a bit tired of it. Hands down, all the offered wood floors made out of pine, walnut, oak, maple, etc. are great, high quality and really beautiful and we recommend them for sure. However.【Get Price】

What Type of Wood Floor Is Scratch-Resistant? | Hunker

Whether you opt for oak, maple, hickory or an exotic hardwood, choosing prefinished boards is the best way to ensure scratch resistance. Mitigating Scratch Damage If exotic flooring is outside your budget, or you have a big dog with substantial claws that will likely scratch whatever flooring you install, you can use a few strategies to minimize the impact of scratches.【Get Price】

Top 6 Exotic Hardwood Floors - The Spruce

The environmental question: Harvested from Central and South America, Ipe was once regarded as one of the better options for exotic hardwood, but more recently it has come into question as heavy demand has reduced the availability of FSC-certified supplies. Environmentally conscious consumers should verify that their wood is sustainably harvested as indicated from certification by the FSC.【Get Price】

Choosing Rot Resistant Wood | The Craftsman Blog

Rot-Resistant Wood Old-Growth Cypress – The old-growth version of this resistant wood has so much more heartwood than its new or second-growth cousins that it is harder and has much greater resistance to rot and insects. Cedar (Eastern White or Western Red) – Cedar is a great wood for exterior work.【Get Price】

Stronger Than Steel, Able to Stop a Speeding Bullet--It's.

It also can become about 50 times more resistant to compression and almost 20 times as stiff. The densified wood is also substantially harder, more scratch-resistant and more impact-resistant. It.【Get Price】

Impact Resistant Flooring - Floors Insusceptible to Abuse.

Now for the good news; there is indeed impact resistant flooring that fits all of those needs and more. The name of this product is Slikal. Created by the Silikal Company over 55 years ago, this product is outstanding for use in either new or renovated structures. It can be used in all manner of industry, public locales, and any kind of commerce. This is because it always delivers a strong.【Get Price】

Exotic Hardwood Flooring - wooderra.com

When it comes to the strength of an exotic hardwood, we can look at the Janka hardness scale 0-4000 lbs. Known to be one of the hardest woods in the world, Brazilian Teak is rated 3540/4000 in the Janka scale. This characteristic makes Brazilian Teak flooring resistant to strong contact pressure. This exquisite type of flooring has proven to be super durable, and it has been used in marine.【Get Price】

Exotic Flooring - Brazilian Cherry Oak, Tigerwood and Bamboo

Exotic Flooring. Nothing creates a unique living environment like exotic flooring. Due to its rich natural colour and unique graining, it’s a growing trend in homes today. There is a wide of variety of species available in both solid and engineered wood flooring. The Floor Shop offers custom solutions for homeowners. Exotic wood species are.【Get Price】

Fire resistant flooring and wall systems from Stonhard

The critical radiant flux of the flooring is determined by igniting it to see how far the flame spreads prior to self-extinguishing. The higher the number, the better the fire resistance. A Class 1 fire rating requires the number to be greater than 0.45 W/cm2.【Get Price】

The Pros and Cons of Tigerwood Flooring - Home Reference

As an exotic hardwood, tigerwood isn’t the cheapest thing you could put on your floor, but it is less expensive than ipe, teak, and ebony. Typically, you’ll find the price comparable to mahogany and cumaru. It’s an economical option if you’re looking for a highly durable, moisture-resistant wood with distinct coloring.【Get Price】

A N Flooring Co., Inc

This extremely durable exotic hardwood is characterized by its dramatic and beautiful tiger-like stripes. Vibrant colour scheme. Tigerwood gets its name from the eye-catching grain pattern, which resembles the markings of the jungle feline. Irregular streaks of brownish black make a bold statement against a color palette ranging from burnt.【Get Price】