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Composite is best suited for making outdoor furniture because it is durable and will not splinter with age. Any outdoor furniture can be made from decking boards. A bench and small stand are two common pieces of outdoor furniture that can be made over the course of a weekend. They will work well on either a deck or a patio.【Get Price】

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Building a step will help improve safety on your new deck and will use up leftover materials. Planter boxes These are a popular choice for all types of scrap wood and decking board remnant projects, mainly because you can mix and match boards of different sizes.【Get Price】

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So you dabbled with the Deck Starter, sampled your top-three colors and are in the midst of building your deck—nice work. But what to do with those leftover decking samples? We’ve got a few ideas. 1. Floating shelf. Exactly what your home office was missing. And all it calls for is your favorite tanned leather and a couple mounting.【Get Price】

Waste Not, Want Not: Leftover Decking Ideas

With just a few spare deck boards and a bin bag for inner lining, you can easily create a natural-looking window feature that brightens up your outdoor space. Alternatively, if you have a little more leftover material to play with, you can utilise your leftover boards to make an aesthetically-pleasing planter or flower bed.【Get Price】

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Depending on the amount of decking leftover, there are two main routes to explore when it comes to creating garden shelves with deck boards: either the free-standing option or the wall-mounted option. Whichever route you take, the subsequent journey is relatively smooth and virtually bump-free.【Get Price】

7 Projects that Can be Built Using Leftover Decking Material.

Enclose the underside of your deck with leftover deck boards. You can install the boards vertically or horizontally to create a more contemporary look. Here are some deck skirting installation instructions that you can follow.【Get Price】

DIY Outdoor Table: What to do with leftover composite decking.

There are many different project ideas that can be made with our leftover composite decking. One of these projects was to create a DIY outdoor table that would be able to sit more than 10 people. We decided on making two smaller and skinnier composite decking outdoor tables instead of one large one.【Get Price】